The Code

Po-mo shamans are modern-day entheo-spiritual sitters and faciliators, assisting other humans who wish to express themselves within the Gnostic-ecstatic approach. No one asks for an explanation.

The journeyer’s path must be conceived and the decision to undergo must occur in a non-altered state. Communication is most important. Communication is intention.

Respect entheogens and psychedelics. We need more future leaders.

Never profane the materials.

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A safe setting is a legally safe place, a mentally safe place and a physically safe place. Be careful where you consume psychedelics, unusual and odd behavior can get a lot of unwanted attention in the wrong setting. Dealing with a cop while high is a most unpleasant experience.

Trip with those whom you desire interaction with avoiding those for whom trust is an issue

Trip in a physically safe place – don’t decide to go rock climbing.

Always prepare yourself – and always trip with the mentally prepared. This is number one and cannot be stressed enough. Reflect on what you want from the experience and make the appropriate plans for achieving that practice.

Certain things to consider are:
  • Beginners
    Beginning trippers often experience only fun and joviality... but
  • The Experienced
    Experienced trippers know that a deeper realm emerges.
  • Be Prepared
    Quot pertinax sensibus id per, usu vide dolorem ea. Invidunt incorrupte mei ea, duo ei viderer mentitum explicari.

Psychedelics allow the veil of the mind to be pulled back for a peek underneath. Be thirsty for what pours forth.


  • Don’t give materials to people to manipulate them. Don’t share XTC just so someone will have sex with you.
  • Gaia iam veniam veritus. Nec ex quis homero. Porro audiam recusabo ut sed, qui ornatus menandri ea, brute aperiam insolens his in. Vel te augue ponderum singulis, ei justo doctus sed.
  • Be clean with yourself too. qui ornatulis, ei justo doctus sed.

Use an appropriate dose – no hero doses. Hero doses must be the most common reason for emergency room visits that could easily have been avoided. And emergency room visits give psychedelics a bad name.

Certain things to consider are:
  • Eat
    Pamper yourself by eating healthy and well.
  • Exercise
    Vel te augue ponderum singulis, ei justo doctus sed?
  • Connect
    Write about your experience and verbally share with a friend what you have assimilated.