Never Forget

Don't take anything written here with too much seriousness... laugh at your self and life - the Information herein is provided for educational and informational purpose only.

Is this Legal Advice?

Nothing written here is intended to be legal advice, medical advice or anything but the banter of a personal website. Additionally - what is legal to possess may not be legal to consume... be careful... be warned... The U.S. government apparently considers the altered state of conscious to be illegal if derived from a consumable. At least four of these sacred sacraments discussed on the site are expressedly illegal to possess in the US of A.

What Not to Eat

There are a number of shamanic plants that have also been historically usede as entheogens which deserve special mention as the danger associated with them is such that a wise person would preclude their use. most particularly these are hexing herbs henbane, nightshade, mandrake, mescal bean and most prominently datura oir jimson weed and its close relative Brugmansia.


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Totally Illegal

Peyote, Cannabis, Iboga and Coca are illegal to posses as well as they contain an active ingredient which is also illegal. This is not the case with magic mushrooms - which are illegal in most states as "containers of mescaline."

More on what Not to Eat

Datura | Brugmansia

Datura has been used shamanically in both hemispheres and the related Brugmansia is still much in shamanic use in South America, where it is known to be extremely dangerous and a malevolent hallucinogen. Like salvia, brugmansia is a cultigen - not known to exist in the wild state - and all species are dangerously toxic. Every year a few people die by attempting to use these plants shamanically. The wise post-modern shaman would eliminate them from their bag of tricks.

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