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The term juggernaut is used to describe someone who wishes to explore consciousness, the mind and inner space. Furthermore, this includes the assumption that one uses entheogens as guides to explore the inner landscape for the expressed intent of bettering themselves. Entheogens – psychedelics used for spiritual or therapeutic means – are not for mere play and but are to be used with purpose to help us become better and more loving and more functional people. At least that is the idea.

Juggernauts are brave pioneers of the interior landscape thus adhere not only to psychonaut principles of good intention and spiritual endeavor but follow juggernaut principles as well. Juggernaut is derived from the avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu – and means an unstoppable force able to crush all in its path. So named because once you munch and the ride on the magic bus begins, you are in a committed process for which there is generally no stopping. Thus the reason for the term “juggernaut” becomes immediately apparent when you realize you have munched just a tad too much of that new stuff (“what was it called anyhow?”) and “ohhhhhhhhhhh my god, am I going to die?” is the last coherent thought you have before throwing up to the flashing strobe lights in your head.

Juggernaut principles hold that psychedelics or entheogens are to be used to cultivate wisdom, awareness and empathy. These materials should be safely used and with a loving regard for all life. The psychedelic experience should include due regard for public safety and personal health. No playing in traffic while high on acid in other words. The juggeronaut shall understand the importance of set and setting, providing a safe place-time for inner exploration, and inviting a sitter, guide or therapist if needed. Juggernauts follow the path of communicating with the deeper self. They know their own limits and understanding that psychedelic experiences allow one to “see” the world in new ways, will insure that reintegration of these new experiences happens in a timely fashion. These principles therefore imply that one doses carefully in the beginning and increases the dosage only in small increments after having mastered the earlier smaller-dose experience.

Obviously safe juggernauting is more easily done when one is aware how the entheogen or psychedelic will affect oneself psychically and physically. Having explored a gram of cubensis mushrooms on a few occasions means one has a pretty good idea how to explore the next gram of cubensis, how to use the material most wisely etc. Things get more dicey when one is sampling something for the first time, even when there is a lot of information available as to the materials’ affect. But when one decides to explore the lesser-known entheogens or psychedelics for which there is little comparative information things get a lot more difficult.

Juggernaut Principles

1/3 - one-third

Juggernauting is not a party event, ever. Juggernauting in large groups of people never works. Tis best done in the delights of mother nature or in the inner sanctum of the privacy of one’s home where the setting is absolutely safe, secure and comfortable.

2/3 - two-thirds

It is highly advised when experimenting with new materials to have sitter present. A sitter is someone who would not be dosed but would be available to assist in any fashion necessary. A sitter should not be obtrusive but should be knowledgable and comfortable about psychedelic experiences in general. They might act also as a sort of therapist through out the general experience and they should not leave you alone for any reason.

3/4 - three-quarters

Setting is even more important than with general psychonauting. Be assured of physical comfort – have a bed to lie down in and a toilet nearby. Furthermore, you might find yourself needing to hug a toilet for an hour and if your roommate doesn’t approve of your juggernauting than having to interact with them while under the influence is not advised. In the same regard be aware that the general public tends to disapprove of flaming juggernauts, and law enforcement is even more disapproving. Coming down and waking up in jail or the local hospital is a true downer to any juggernaut experience.

1/4 - one quarter

Start off with a new material in small doses. Very small doses. If the material is not well known or recently discovered aim for a first dose that might actually be sub-threshold. Aim small.

1/4 - one quarter

Obtain known materials – be absolutely certain you are utilizing the correct plant, fungi or toad. Put no material in your mouth that you are not 100% sure of its identity. Take the time to learn about and recognize new materials. If ordering the material from the internet buy from a reputable company. The various lists of psychedelic users (yahoogroups etc) can assist one in sorting out the reputable from nonreputable companies.

1/4 - one quarter

NO alcohol. Minimize the nicotine intake. No coffee or caffeine. Furthermore it is best to restrict your juggernauting to a single psychoactive material at one time.

1/4 - one quarter

Drinking water and eating food can help considerably with coming down. Be sure to have it available. Fruits, juices, non-fatty or non-oily foods, and non-stimulating food work best. Processed food – which wrecks havoc on one’s intestines in the best of time should be avoided and can lead to constipation.

1/4 - one quarter

Follow these principles and you will enjoy safe exploration for years. The most common reason psychonauts and juggernauts of all ages give up tripping is because they stopped following these principles and had less than desirable experiences. Psychedelics are intense tools with which to access our inner minds. The key point is to make yourself truly ready for the experience before you undertake it.

1/2 - one half

Occassionally one gets too high. Shit happens. Meditiate and prepare your inner psyche for that possibility by remembering and focusing on the fact that you will eventually come down. Some have been known to use pharmaceuticals to facilitate coming down, but this is not recommended, although a little cannabis herb can help. If the subjective sense of “I” is lost – having a sitter available may be most important as well as your trust in that sitter.

1/2 - one half

Remember to give yourself much time after the event for reprocessing. Having to report to work several hours after you think you will be down is not advised. Juggernauting works best when there is free time to fully process the event once completed.

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