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Illegal High Legal to Possess

San Pedro Cacti ullamcorper vix no, hinc dictas percipitur pri ea, reque laboramus.

Peyote, Cannabis, Iboga not legal to possess ptua oportere vim ea, ne mei deleniti convenire. Vix reprimique scribentur ea, ne dolorem.

To make this trivial world sublime,
Take half a Gramme of phanerothyme."

"To fathom hell or soar angelic
Just take a pinch of psychedelic."

Aldous Huxley and Humphrey Osmond, corresponding in 1956. The origin of the word

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You don't have to break the law to take a trip. Since psychedelics" became "entheogens" effectively prohibiting mind altering substances -- or even just criminalizing them -- has become a very a tough job for the government.

The change in labels reflects a growing scholarly and scientific focus. The result: the botany and chemistry of entheogens are out of the closet. Old and new legal entheogens abound. For example, DMT, the primary psychoactive compound in ayahuasca/anahuasca, is on schedule I, meaning the government thinks it has a high potential for abuse and no legitimate uses. But DMT, is also found in thousands of legally available plants, and in every animal with a brain. No prohibition can reach a substance so ubiquitous. Nor can prohibition keep pace with the new chemicals as they appear. 5MEO-DIPT, 2CT7, 4HO-DIPT, 2CI, 2CT2, 5MEODMT, 2CE.....

Many of these lawful substances are available over the Internet and at various specialty shops. The consumer should beware, however, since a police raid may follow receipt of a prohibited substance through the Internet. Meanwhile, people are (re)discovering the religious uses of entheogens. Like believers before them they are sincerely spiritual and willing to take a stand. Not all courts have turned a deaf ear to their First Amendment arguments. The law here is murky and often footless. Explorers who choose the substances that are already prohibited face extreme peril, particularly those who do more than merely consume. But for the wise (and brave) internet-savvy shaman, an unprecedented smorgasbord awaits at the edges of prohibition.