Entheogenesis | Mission

Now more than 45 years have passed since I first consumed an entheogen and I have found these materials to be the most useful of tools for the study of the psyche or mind, and for exploring the spiritual world and the interpersonal dimensions.


I know my active fellow journeyers feel the same. Yet I have wondered why most of the people who have had ecstatic psychedelic experiences cease taking journeys often by their thirtieth birthday. Furthermore, why do so many of those same folks – even those who define their experiences as good – get freaked when their kids want to trip?

What’s going on here? My own non-scientific examination of this issue has led me to conclude that at some point most of these ex-trippers had psychedelic experiences which violated the ethos of tripping and that left them with less-than desirable episodes - not to be repeated. Often these individuals take to condemning the materials (just as the authorities do) instead of coming to terms with the fact that it was their mode of utilizing psychedelics which was problematic. It is difficult if not impossible for our society to have psychedelic elders as our culture is so condemning of the desire to explore the psychedelic headspace. And yet without these elders we haven’t developed rituals of conduct for psychedelic exploration. Nonetheless in this spirit I offer up The code.

The Code