Phalaris Grasses

Phalaris grass can be made into a lawn of DMT, how nifty is that?

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Phalaris Grasses - Mow your DMT Supply

Of all the possible plant sources of N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) known to exist in North America, the various reed grasses or Phalaris grasses are a welcomed addition to our backyard psychedelia. These rich sources of a number of interesting psychoactive tryptamines (including 5MEO-DMT) are easily propagated and cultivated and the plants thrive in most North American climates.

The DMT inspired explorer would find phalaris grass to be an easily worked product. As it is easily grown in our climates, and while a tad course, makes a delightful choice to grow in one’s lawn. Reports from various locations in the Pacific Northwest, the Dakotas and California have affirmed the feasibility of a phalaris lawn. (See pics) And because the psychoactive goodies are concentrated in the leaves of these plants, the phalaris can be merely mowed for the needed materials. One mowing would provide many wonderful adventures.

Phalaris arundinacea, P. aquatica, P.canariensis and now more than twenty different species are recognized as psychoactive. In addition many of these species come in a number of different varieties or races each with different chemotypes and chemical compositions. To differentiate among the species is however not for the novice, and to this end the internet provides a cheap source of the appropropriate seed for personal propagation. Nonetheless, P. arundinacea is fairly common throughout much of the temperate regions of Europe, North Africa and North America. Phalaris grow along creeks and rivers, in wet fields or reed fields and in swamp like terrain. It reaches seven or so feet in height and looks like the course perennial grass it is.

While reed grasses were used in ancient herbal craft (both the ancient Roman Ovid and the ancient Greek Dioscorides discussed its herb craft), the understanding that various phalaris grasses were psychoactive didn’t come about until modern phytochemical research. These grasses were being examined for commercial agricultural purposes when various psychoactive tryptamines were found, making these plants very popular among modern shamans. No traditional use of Phalaris for its psychoactive nature is known to exist. The whole grass (and not the roots or seed) contains indole alkaloids, possibly including N,N-DMT, 5MEO-DMT, DMT, MMT etc. Please note that the undesired phalaris grasses sometimes contains gramine which is a toxic alkaloid, thus procuring the correct kind is important for a less nauseating experience. Again the internet is useful in this regard.

Phalaris can be used to extract DMT or even used to make an ayahausca like drink or anahuasca. In addition, one can explore smoking the dried leaves which some heads have claimed results in a mild DMT-like high. But the best entheogenic use of the grass as creative modern-shamans have discovered is to produce an extremely potent smokable extract.

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3/4 - Extraction for Smoking

To make a simple smokable extraction – chop up an amount of leaves. The product should be very finely chopped or powdered. Pulverized. Better still, freeze the leaves and then unfreeze them, and repeat the process several times to fully breakdown the plant fibers. Place the messy mass in a blender with some water and a mild acid (such as vinegar or lemon juice). Then this product is boiled down until a tar like substance remains. This tar like material is then soaked in a mixture of ethanol (ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol) for a day. This mass is then allowed to fully evaporate and thoroughly dry. This final dried product is very potent, so begin one’s sampling with very small doses. The dried extract can then be impregnated into any smoking material, including cannabis. A safe psychonaut is a wise psychonaut, so start with small amounts.

1/4 - Finally

While phalaris is fully legal everywhere in the world, the wise and careful shaman
would be circumspect with one’s cauldron of brew -- which of course contains various
Schedule I substances -- and would wisely enjoy such in the privacy and safety of one’s